First Premier Bank Card Login

Video demonstration and instructions on First Premier Bank Card Login process:

1. Enter the following to your browser's URL:

2. Enter your username on the text field provided.

3. Click Continue.

4. Enter your password and CVV Code on the text fields.

Don't know what CVV Code is? It means Card Verification Value which is located at the back of your credit card and is made up of the last three digits appearing on the signature box.

5. Click continue and follow onscreen instructions to finish the process.



Having problems logging in? Just follow these quick steps to reset your credentials:

1. Click the Forgot your username? link just below the Continue button.

2. Fill out the text boxes on the form shown onscreen.

3. Click Request User Name.

4. Follow the next instructions onscreen to finish.


Still having problems? You can contact First Premier Bank directly to assist you in your issues on the First Premier Bank Card Login process.

Mortgage Banking 
Sioux Falls – 605-357-3110 or 800-743-2967 
Watertown – 605-882-2300 or 800-511-1335
Business/Ag Banking/Brokerage/Annuities 
Sioux Falls – 605-357-3001 or 800-743-2967 
Watertown – 605-882-2300 or 800-511-1335
Treasury Services 
ACH Online 
605-357-3119 or 800-743-2967
Trust & Investment Services/Trust Online 
605-357-3174 or 866-951-6800
24-Hour Telephone Banking 
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